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UICC continues to deliver impact for cancer care through strategic partnerships. Find out how in our Partner related news and blog articles below.

People chatting at the 2018 World Cancer Congress

Latest news and blog articles

How to contain the threat of antimicrobial resistance to people living with cancer?

Researcher at his desk
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Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": Superbugs and drug resistance: a threat to humanity

woman taking antibiotics
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Equitable outcomes for people with breast cancer through patient navigation

Black women with headset looking into the camera
Kelsey Hampton, PhD
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Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": Medicine and misuse – navigating the pain relief divide

Black male and female couple holding hands, the woman wearing a headscarf indicating illness, both are listening to a doctor
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Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": Oncology in orbit

Biochemical researcher and astronaut Peggy Whittmer floating in the zero-gravity environment of the International Space Station
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UICC-ARO Convenes International Session at 82nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association

Seven men and women posing for a picture in front of a LED screen
Norie Kawahara
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UICC partner Love Hope Strength embarks on a fundraising trek in the Alps

Mike Peters, front man for The Alarm, withi his wife Jules Peters at his side and surrounded by members of Love Hope Strength and UICC staff in the lobby of UICC offices in Geneva
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Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": Providing access to affordable, quality cancer care for all

Male patient being placed by male caregiver on a scanning bed at Acibadem Kozyatağı Hospital, Turkey
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Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": a history of cancer control

Clinician conducting a mammography in 1948
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World Lung Cancer Day shines a spotlight on a silent killer: air pollution

Asian child protects himself against air pollution by wearing mouth mask
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Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": Colour in breast cancer care – tackling racial disparities

Two Black women back-to-back, cropped just above the breast, heads turned towards the camera
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Aspartame classified as possible carcinogen but acceptable daily intake remains unchanged

Man pours artificial sweetener containing aspartame into his tea.
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Two men shaking hands and smiling

Partnership is at the heart of our strategy, with our members, governments, companies and individuals.

a woman and a man shaking hands at 2019 World Cancer Leaders Summit in Kazakhstan

Our partners' expertise and engagement are fundamental to drive long-term and measurable changes in cancer control.

Speakers at 2012 World Cancer Congress Montreal

Invest in our priority areas and help us drive change globally. We value our partnerships and strive to build mutually beneficial relationships.

A woman participating at the World Cancer Congress 2022, smiling at the camera

Find out more how UICC and its partners are working together and connecting for global impact.

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