UICC strategy

UICC plays a unique and important role in the global cancer and health communities. 

UICC Staff do a 5k walk together to mark World Cancer Day 2023

UICC reviews its long-term strategic ambitions every four years. It maps out the implementation through a rolling three-year business plan guided by successive Boards of Directors. This document covers the period 2023-2025.

Ultimately, UICC wishes to contribute positively to a world in which no-one dies from a preventable cancer, and those who have cancer have access to quality treatment and care. 

For more information, read the 'UICC objectives 2023-2025'


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Participants at the World Cancer Congress 2018 cheering

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is the oldest and largest global membership organisation dedicated to the fight against cancer. UICC is the largest international cancer organisation representing all cancer types, across the cancer care continuum. 

Caregiver talking to a woman who has just received cancer treatment

Cancer control aims to reduce the incidence, morbidity and mortality of cancer and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in a defined population, through the systematic implementation of evidence-based interventions for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care.

Annual report 2023

Find out more about UICC's activities by reading our annual reports.

The UICC Team at the World Cancer Congress 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland

The UICC Team is composed of over 40 passionate individuals eager to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

UICC's awards

UICC has received or been shortlisted for a number of awards recognising its efforts in improving its various services to its members, partners and the general cancer community.

UICC staff at work

At UICC, issues of equity and gender equality in global health are embedded in the core functioning and vision of the organisation.

Medical staff looking at some files

TNM (“Tumour”, “Nodes”, “Metastases”) cancer staging system is a globally recognised standard and unified system for classifying the extent of spread of cancer.

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