Cancer beyond COVID-19 series

UICC invited the cancer community to reflect on some of the changes set in motion by COVID-19, and discuss the implications for cancer prevention and control.

Cancer and COVID19 series

A series of virtual 'workshops' exploring the transformed healthcare landscape.

Over 2020 and beyond extraordinary upheaval was brought by the COVID-19 pandemic to societies, health systems, economies and governments across the world. While the crisis highlighted the structural weaknesses of many health systems and magnified existing inequalities in health outcomes, it has also accelerated key trends that may shape healthcare and public health in the years ahead.

Through this three-part series of Virtual Dialogues, UICC invited the cancer community to reflect on some of the changes set in motion by COVID-19, and discuss the implications for cancer prevention and control, and what actions may help transform this crisis into an opportunity to shape stronger, more equitable and resilient health systems for better cancer control. 

Follow-up report

Access a follow-up report, one year on from the series, which collates examples of adaptations that have since emerged for the safe restoration and continuation of cancer services, as well as perspectives from different cancer professionals on lessons learned.

Download the report

On demand recordings

On demand recordings of the discussions and news articles summarising key learning points can be accessed via the links below.

Series dialogues

Cancer beyond COVID-19 series: #1 Reimagining cancer screening and diagnosis

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Cancer beyond COVID-19 series: #2 Bringing quality cancer care closer to patients

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Cancer beyond COVID-19 series: #3 Strengthening the case for investment in cancer control

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UICC's Virtual Dialogues provide members, and the cancer community, with regular opportunities to connect, exchange knowledge, access expert insights, and share solutions from the comfort of one's office or home.

A variety of glasses containing different alcohol

UICC and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer are organising a series of discussions looking at alcohol and cancer to help better inform and connect the cancer community.

Tobacco control Virtual Dialogue

UICC aims to engage all key stakeholders in the tobacco control and cancer communities in discussing key actions to ensure global committments on tobacco control translate into national policy actions ultimately leading to a reduction in the burden of tobacco-related cancer and other diseases.

Virtual Dialogues series: Breast Cancer

The breast cancer series aims to highlight these key issues and foster focused discussions amongst UICC members and renowned experts on key actions needed to reduce the global breast cancer burden.

Virtual Dialogues series: Cervical cancer elimination

In this series UICC and partners bring global health leaders, advocates and policymakers together to discuss the challenges and solutions to creating an enabling environment towards the 90:70:90 targets by 2030.

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