World Cancer Leaders' Summit 2025

Cancer Council Victoria will host the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit 2025 in Melbourne, Australia, 18-20 November. 

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The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit is an event that takes place every two years, providing an important forum to embrace opportunities and secure global, coordinated responses to the challenges faced by the cancer and health communities. The last edition was held in Long Beach, CA, United States from 16-17 October 2023.

The World Cancer Leaders' Summit 2025 takes place in Melbourne, Australia, hosted by Cancer Council Victoria. Cancer Council Victoria comprises experts from across multiple internationally recognised cancer alliances that, in turn, represent numerous UICC member organisations, ensuring a diverse and rich exchange of knowledge and strategies in the global action against cancer.

Co-hosting the event are the VCCC AllianceMonash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium, and the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer. These co-hosts are instrumental in bringing together the collective expertise and resources necessary to successfully organise such a significant gathering.

Victoria's reputation as a hub for some of Australia's leading cancer centres will be on full display, with the World Cancer Leaders' Summit receiving extensive support from the government, research institutions, and academia, not just from Australia but also from the wider Asia-Pacific region. This support underscores the global commitment to advancing cancer research and treatment.

Additionally, the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit traditionally partners with key international organisations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). These partnerships are a testament to the Summit's ability to foster global cooperation and drive progress in cancer control policies and practices.

This is why global influencers and leaders in cancer control, as well as public health representatives from around the world working in government and non-government agencies, academia, non-profit organisations and the private sector will join for this next important World Cancer Leaders' Summit.

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The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit (WCLS) is the preeminent annual policy meeting dedicated to furthering global cancer control at the highest levels. 

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