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The My Child Matters (MCM) initiative, launched in 2005, is an innovative partnership between UICC and the Sanofi Espoir Foundation to reduce inequities in childhood cancer survival in low and mid-income countries.

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My Child Matters is based on the concept that simultaneous improvements to healthcare infrastructure, training of qualified personnel, better public information and involvement of local governments are the key drivers of improving childhood cancer survival in developing countries.

The initiative's main objectives are to generate actions on the ground that are as sustainable as possible, directly benefiting the country, including children and their families, and health professional partners and to raise greater awareness in civil society and among policy makers to help increase the access to quality care among developing countries where paediatric oncology is still emerging.

Since 2005, My Child Matters has provided support to 51 hospitals and NGOs in 33 countries to reduce inequalities between developed and resource-constrained countries through grass-roots projects. The 14 ongoing projects over Africa, Asia and Latin America are targeting 4 main challenges:

  1. Decentralization to bring childhood cancer care closer to patients’ homes (Paraguay, Honduras, Thailand, Senegal).
  2. Early diagnosis through timely detection of signs and symptoms of cancer (Paraguay, Pakistan, Philippines, Honduras, Senegal).
  3. Palliative care to improve quality of life by reducing suffering for the large number of children with cancers too advanced to cure (Guatemala, Thailand, and Senegal).
  4. Population-based childhood cancer registries to understand regional disease burden and guide future health policies (Colombia, Ecuador).

Continued monitoring and planned annual reviews by the experts, project’s mentors and a steering committee, including local partners, supports learning from MCM supported projects to develop case studies and possibilities for replication and scale up.

Download the brochure "My Child Matters - Together we create a sustainable impact"

For more information about the MCM partnership please go to the Sanofi Espoir Foundation website.

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