18 January 2023

World Cancer Congress returns to Geneva in 2024

UICC will organise the next World Cancer Congress in Geneva and opens calls to host the event in 2026 or the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in 2025.

Considering the success and positive feedback received for World Cancer Congress 2022, the UICC Board has decided that the next edition in 2024 will also be held at the International Conference Centre of Geneva, Switzerland, from 17 to 19 September 2024, near the UICC office. This will allow participants to benefit once again from the proximity of WHO and other major health organisations with whom UICC entertains close relations.

In 2026, however, the event will go back on the road again and travel to another part of the world, and so UICC full members have the opportunity to bid to host the World Cancer Congress. The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit – an invitation-only event that attracts the top decision-makers in the health and cancer control – is also open to bids for October 2025. 

Organisations that have hosted the Congress or Summit in the past have reported that doing so increases visibility with governments, international organisations, NGOs, cancer affiliations, patient support groups, research institutes, care centres, academia and the corporate sector. This has strengthened their efforts to make cancer a priority in their national and regional health agendas, and opened up unparalleled networking and partnership opportunities.

The call for bids will be open until 31 July 2023. Interested organisations can contact Céline Francina, Head of Congress and Events, at

Request more information about bidding to host the World Cancer Congress

Request more information about bidding to host the World Cancer Leaders' Summit

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Monday 27 February 2023

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