23 January 2019

City Cancer Challenge becomes an independent foundation

Geneva, Switzerland – Today, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) launched the City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) initiative as an independent foundation, registered with the Swiss Authorities as “City Cancer Challenge Foundation.” 

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Since the initial launch of City Cancer Challenge, known as C/Can, almost two years ago at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the initiative has attracted noteworthy support for its ambitious and achievable focus on mobilising key stakeholders in cities with populations over one million to accelerate innovative cancer solutions.

“Starting locally, we have already seen a transformation in how city leaders are identifying needs and prioritising cancer care, leading to a more robust response nationally, regionally, and globally. As an independent foundation, City Cancer Challenge will continue to seek productive partnerships with individuals and organisations committed to improving cancer care in their cities and around the world,” -  Dr Susan Henshall, CEO, City Cancer Challenge 

Earlier in 2018, the UICC Board reflected on the most appropriate governance structure for C/Can going forward, given its experience to date and bold future ambitions. The Board concluded that launching C/Can as a standalone foundation with strong links to UICC would enable both organisations to achieve their missions through mutual support and collaboration.

A new, dedicated C/Can Board meets for the first time this week, ably led by Chair Professor Sanchia Aranda, who continues her commitment to global cancer control, having been the President of UICC the last two years. C/Can staff will transition from UICC to the new Foundation under the continued leadership of Dr Susan Henshall, who will become the CEO.

“Maintaining a strong relationship with UICC and its partners will allow the City Cancer Challenge Foundation to thrive as it continues to grow and mature. We are working towards the same thing – to improve cancer control – and this joint effort will make both organisations more successful,” - Professor Sanchia Aranda, Board Chair, City Cancer Challenge

Both organisations are contributing to the same global ambition to reduce the global cancer burden and are delivering impact through different approaches. While UICC will continue to unite and support the cancer community, promote greater equity, and ensure cancer control remains part of the global health and development agenda, C/Can aims to create an adaptable new blueprint for building a community of multi-sectoral stakeholders, enabling the diverse set of actors at the city level to work collectively to deliver solutions to improve the quality of infrastructure and services for cancer. It aims to build a collective movement of cities, with the goal of growing to 20 cities in the next few years and creating a model that can be scaled up to other cities and regions around the world over time.

“The Board of UICC and the team in Geneva wish the City Cancer Challenge team the very best in 2019, and we are proud to support them as they work with more cities in the coming years,” - HRH Princess Dina Mired, President, UICC

About City Cancer Challenge

Launched by the Union for International Cancer Control in 2017, and transitioning into a standalone entity in January 2019, City Cancer Challenge inspires cities to deliver quality, equitable cancer care for all. By identifying local leaders and empowering them to identify needs and implement solutions, C/Can provides a foundation for lasting change at the city level and shares best practices so that solutions can be scaled nationally, regionally, and globally.

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